I like to collect people’s nice comments so here are a few to share from the last couple of years:

I just wanted to thank you for doing the index for my book. There was a suggestion that it might not need one... and I really pushed for it as I thought it could be so helpful, but I was aware that it might not be the easiest book to index! Anyway, I think it's brilliant! You've somehow managed to include everything important in a really user-friendly way.


The index looks brilliant - one of the best I have ever seen. Please pass on my compliments to the indexer

The authors have no corrections for this index and they described it as gorgeous, so please do send your invoice over

I thought I’d just let you know that the author of this book said he was delighted with your index and insisted I congratulate you 

 I would definitely recommend you to my friends if they ever need an indexer for their academic work 

The indexes are wonderful! Thanks for putting so much thought into them. They are so wide-ranging, accurate, and intuitively organised [editors of large multi-authored handbook]

It always helps to have a brilliant index.[from a client after I congratulated them on the book receiving critical acclaim]

Thank you so much for this Helen, and for doing a such a thorough job of the index.  I really am delighted with it

I wish you were always free & could do all my indexes! [regular client]


Index – very comprehensive, thank you to the indexer


This looks absolutely excellent. Many thanks for your work. It’s way better than anything I could have produced. [author of linguistics book]


Thank you for returning these indexes on schedule. I’ve had a look through, and they look really thorough, comprehensive, and I couldn’t even find a single typo! So thank you for your hard work.


Just to let you know that the authors are pleased with your index, and didn't require any amendments, so many thanks again for this. 


It has really been a huge help to have got the index so swiftly.


I've just got glowing reports from both [the writers]! They're so excited by it :) [editor of a charity handbook]


Blooming heck that's service for you! Did you sit up all night? You're amazing! [delighted author of a foodie book after I turned around some changes very quickly for him]


I’m really pleased with the level of detail and the accuracy. Thanks for the excellent work! [author of medical handbook]


Thanks for making such a good index - from which one can see quite clearly that the indexer really engaged with the contents of the book!  [author of linguistics book]


“I'm passing on the gratitude of the author, [of applied linguistics text], who is extremely happy with the index. She has described your work as thorough, professional, and efficient, and that it shows a real understanding of the content of her book.”