Gathering and analysing qualitative information takes time and skills which my clients often do not have access to in-house. Contracting me on a freelance basis enables them to get the answers they need in an efficient and cost-effective way. I have particular experience working in the voluntary, charity and education sector.


My work involves collecting information, analysing and distilling it and re-presenting it in a form which is useful to the client, usually a report. There are many applications for the kind of work I do but at its most fundamental I create or find a body of data and see what, if anything, it tells you. I can gather data for you by face-to-face interviews, focus groups, questionnaires etc. I am always happy to advise on what can be done and welcome approaches to discuss possible jobs or for a quotation.


Through my work with St Mungo’s I have developed a particular expertise in conducting qualitative peer research. The value of peer research is that interviewees are considerably more comfortable talking to someone who is, or has been, in a similar situation to themselves. I train the researchers and guide them through the process of deciding which questions are important to ask. Drawing up the interview script is part of my job and then I sometimes accompany the interviewers to their sessions. Data comes back to me either as written notes or audio/ video files and I then perform a thorough qualitative analysis and draw up findings.


Recent projects include

· Thesaurus Construction (Since 2011) Construction and ongoing management of new thesaurus to underpin Society of Indexer’s Indexers Available application. 

· Society of Indexer surveys (Since 2008). Analysing the results of several small membership surveys (70-100 respondents) for my professional organisation. Started 2008 and ongoing. One of the surveys involves year-on-year comparisons building up a picture over time of trends in the profession.

- Plain English documents (Since 2018). Converting a variety of school documents into Plain English for better comprehensibility.

State of Fear (2021) Fact checking using an array of data sources.

Focus Groups (2021 and 2019). Worth Independent School. Conducted focus groups about issues of proposed adjustments to the school day, analysed data and wrote report.

· Little Red Schoolbook (Pinter and Martin, 2014). Researched and wrote footnotes for this re-issue of a book previously published, and banned, in the 1960s.


· St Mungo’s Disability Focus Group (2012-2014). For this ground-breaking project, which included both staff and client researchers, I trained peer researchers and analysed data from 10 interviews plus focus groups. I subsequently wrote a report which led into action for the Working Group.

· An Even Better Deal for Women (2013). Follow-up to the 2008 project (see below). Trained two groups of peer researchers and analysed data from 60 interviews (25% audio). Wrote up final report, reviewed with peer researchers and revised.

· No More: Homelessness through the eyes of recent rough sleepers (2013). For this project I trained peer researchers, accompanied them to interview sessions, did some interviews myself and analysed the data (34 interviews, mostly audio) into an interim report. I also had the pleasure of being present when the report was launched at the House of Commons

· Evaluation of Putting Down Roots (2013). For this evaluation of St Mungo’s award-winning gardening project I trained peer-researchers, accompanied them to sessions for interviews and analysed the data.

· Out in the Cold (2012). Peer-researched report about homeless people’s experiences of eviction. I trained researchers, analysed data, reviewed literature and wrote a report.

· Bridging the Gap. (2012). Peer-researched report about access to mental health services. I trained researchers, analysed data and was main author of the report.

· Baby Café National Statistics 2012. Analysis of operational data belonging to a small charity and production of various statistical reports, graphs and information products from the data.

· Rebuilding Shattered Lives (2012). See campaign at . Gathered primary data via interviews with homeless women and conducted literature review to provide a background document for internal reference for use throughout the campaign.

· Mental Health and Homelessness Briefing (April 2012) Participating author, gathered and organised material and drafted text.

· Broken, Battered, Bereft. (2011) Report on rough sleeping. Participating author, conducted case study interviews and wrote up.

· Enough Room: Is society big enough for homeless people (2011). Participating author including doing a large part of the data analysis for this report into homeless people and Big Society. 

· Happiness Matters (2009).  Main author/researcher on a large scale peer-researched project into the mental health of homeless adults. 

· A Better Deal for Women (2008). Sole author/researcher on combined literature review and peer-researched project looking into services for homeless women.

· What Works? (2008) Sole author/researcher  on project looking into what services are effective in homelessness provision.